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Demo of striking retail employees

short-docu  // german  // 7,11 Min  // 07.12.2007 23:00  // Hits: 1.974

7.12.2007, Berlin - striking shop workers demonstrate to Berlin City Hall. Many of their workmates are too scared to strike, some because they only have temporary contracts, others because they don't want to get noticed by their employer. Agency workers who are being used to break the strike get paid as little as 3 Euro per hour. The distribution companies should strike, to support us, says one shop workers, who works for the supermarket chain 'Real'. Flash-mob activities are planned in the striking shops. Supporters can give their mobile numbers for the text message chain at the Ver.di union headquarters, Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10 (corner Köpenicker Straße), Berlin-Mitte (at Ostbahnhof).
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