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Argentina, Buenos Aires 21.11.2003. demo against the american peace aggreement, area libre de comercio a las americas. the starting demo took place in front of the offices of the food production company Monsanto. by joining the a.l.c.a, the argentinian government will bind itself to buying genetically modified products from the USA. this will destroy the local farmers" existence. the demo march through the banking quarter of Buenos Aires not only "embellished" the stock exchange but also several credit institutions. at the closing demo which took place in front of the "pink house" (the equivalent of the white house) , the seat of power of the governing president Nestor Kirchner, the drawbacks of the planned aggreement were pointed out. this was evoked by the m.t.d (movimento de trabjadores desocupados) and the ( movimiento de los campesinos de santiago del estero).
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