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97% of all violations on human rights in Colombia are not being punished. Therefore social movements have invited the "Permanent Tribunal of the People" to judge the crimes comitted by the columbian state and the transnational corporations wich operate in Columbia. The tribunal is inspired by the Russell-Tribunal, wich judged the crimes comitted in the Vietnam War.
On April 1. and 2. 2006 the colombian section of the Tribunal will take place in Bogotá. The Topics of this tribunal will be the crimes of transnational corporations concerning their involvement with the paramilitary forces and state terrorism in Colombia. The corporations Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Chiquita Brands are in the dock. Other topics will be gold, oil, coal, biodiversity and public services. The tribunal, casted with renowned lawyers, will come to a judgment in july 2008.

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Testimony of Javier Correa

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Javier Correa testifies. Being the chairman of Sinaltrainal and working for Coca-Cola has experienced hate calls, death threats against himself and his family, kidnapping of his children, slander campaigns amongst his fellow workers, an more ...

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