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Where to put the nuclear waste? Most German authorities and electricity companies believe salt is the right storage medium. Nuclear waste repositories are called Asse, Morsleben.......GORLEBEN. In the former potash mine Asse II (Wolfenbüttel), the "pilote project" for Gorleben, uncontrollised influx of water and alcaline liquids has reached the nuclear waste barrels in just one generation after the storing began and has started to resolve them. The operators have admitted for the first time that there was proof of radioactive liquids containing Cäsium 137. The radioactive contamination was a consciously negligent conduct. The pit Morsleben, an old GDR repository, which was used for nuclear waste in the 90ies, threatened to crash and was hastily filled up. The nuclear waste inside. Doubts concernig the security of Gorleben led to a building freeze in 2000, a so called moratory which expires in 2010. Responsible plans to deal with the nuclear waste and the security for mankind and nature are not in sight. They can't take us for fools. The notorious liars of Asse II could not keep their security promise, it's based on sheer pretense, the repository is filling up. Speaking of pretense, the so called renaissance of nuclear power is also such a brainwashing, the nuclear plants do not contribute to lower CO2 rates, if you consider the whole process from mining the Uranium to its final disposal.

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Protests in Laase during road transport

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While the Castor transport passes the village of Laase, the whole frustration unloads on a mustard field besides the road. Flames, fireworks and always again the use of water cannons by the police... shot some impressions

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