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Big retail and apparel companies are in a global race to increase profits by driving down costs. As they source merchandise from all over the world, they search for places where workers are paid the lowest wages, and human rights are trampled upon. There are no international laws that require corporations to respect workers' rights, to ensure decent working conditions, or even to pay a living wage. In fact, the current trade laws encourage companies to have their products produced in places with the worst conditions and the lowest wages -- places where workers are not free to stand up for their rights and to protect themselves. Companies are pushing us all into a race to the bottom. Factories with good working conditions are getting shut down. That means decent factories in the U.S. and Canada - as well as decent factories overseas. And sweatshops are opening up - in New York, Toronto, and L.A. - as well as in Honduras, Indonesia and China.


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On womens day, that also happenes to be international sweatshop day, there was an action happening in front of Niketown in Berlin. Workers all over the world work in sweatshops under inhumane conditions, for a salary which they can't live off.

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