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each monday people are demonstrating against the social cuttings of the so-called 'Hartz-reform'. they are mainly protesting against the cut-backs of unemployment aid, which will be leveled to welfare aid in 2005. besides the monetary cut-backs the unemployed will be forced to work in any job they are offered, no matter how badly paid it is.
again people are demonstrating manly in the east of germany (ex-GDR) and they are chanting the same slogans as in 1989: 'the wall must fall!' - this time it is the wall between the poor and the rich.

the wall has to fall!

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monday demonstration, Berlin 16.08.2004 - a demonstrant says. " [...] i am a normal person. i don"t have any big utopian, i just want to live.[...] " arriving at the SPD party central, people chant slogans as "the wall has to fall", "we are more ...

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