TOPIC G8 Gleneagles-Scotland 05

G8 stands for the >Group of Eight< - thats the 7 most powerfull industrialised nations plus, for strategic reasons, Russia. once in a year the heads of government party for a few days, to talk on their strategies and for photos to be taken. this year, the G8-summit takes place from 6.-8.Juli in Gleneagles in Scotland, some 60 kilometers away from Glasgow and Edinburgh. several groups plan to pressure the so called >World Leaders<, to inform the public and on the same time to show alternatives to the predominant system and to live those alternatives.

boogie on the bridge - reclaim the street party

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Glasgow 08.07.2005 the georgeV is blocked for various hours by activist. the protest is aimned to the hardly achied goals considering climate treaties and the so called aid package for africa, during the g8 summit. the lokal aspect is the more ...

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