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at the end of july 2001 the heads of the G8 states met in Genoa, to discuss the future of the planet without including the public. the APO of the globalization critics were prevented from exercising their right to freedom of assembly by huge fences. with an escalation strategy im mind, that reminded the present left wingers of the 70's, the fascist repressive side of the Berlusconi government tried systematically to intimidate and (with the help of the compliant daily press) criminilize 300,000 activists. the archive of the 10 day broadcast along as a interview series with prof. Elmar Altvater about the topics covered by the globalization critic's movement here.


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Berlin, 20th July 2003 - to mark the 2nd anniversary of Carlo Guliani"s murder during the G-8 summit in Genoa 2001, a demonstration takes place in Berlin against the criminalization of the emancipative movements.

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