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For over 30 years the Columbian Trade Union for Food Sinaltrainal has tried to defend against the increasing assaults made by transnational corporations, above all Coca-Cola. The price to pay was 9 murdered Coca-Cola unionists, 12 murdered Nestlè unionists as well as permanent death threats, abduction threats and attempts at intimidation by the ultra-right paramilitary. In 2002 Sinaltrainal initiated the International Campaign against Coca-Cola to bring attention to the persecution. The campaign was picked up and supported by social movements worldwide. It was resumed in September 2007.

The attorney general works for Coca-Cola

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After Sinaltrainal took Coca-Cola to court in Miami, the corporation started to accuse Sinaltrainal vice versa. The union was faced with the accusation of terrorism and libel. The lawyer of Coca-Cola in this trial is Jaime Bernal Cuéllar, who more ...

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